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Who are we?

Above all, La Ferme Chapelle is a family story : there are 3 of us, Ingrid, Josst and Steven, who arrived in Saint-Sozy, in the Lot in 2001 to create a goat farm.

It all started when Joost, as a teenager, came to work during the holidays at a cheese factory near Souillac. His love of goats and their fabulous cheeses was born!

So it was only natural that he turned to this professional sector a little bit later, associating with him in his wife and Steven (Ingrid’s sister’s husband).

The three of us started the adventure with a small herd in order to produce milk. But very soon we decided to make our own cheeses. Little by little, the herd has grown and new cheeses have emerged, some of which are regularly awarded.

Always concerned about animal welfare and the environment, we, at La Ferme Chapelle, are teeming with new ideas and developing new concepts for the future.

our Cheeses

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